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What is Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)?

Informal Definition of FMEA: A standardized technique for prioritizing the improvement activities for potential problems in a process. Everything else is commentary.

In healthcare applications, the focus is on process rather than design. As in any other industry, the emphasis is on prevention, not correction.

Healthcare Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (HFMEA®) constitutes a sound business practice:

  • Transform risk management from a reactive process to proactive one
  • Decrease claims and reduce risk exposure
  • Enhance your Report Card for better public confidence
  • Provide an opportunity to market patient safety awareness
  • Offer the potential to shift Risk Management to a PROFIT CENTER enterprise

FMEAs are intended to result in preventative actions; they are not “after-the-fact” exercises done to satisfy a customer, meet JCAHO accreditation requirements or fix a process which has already gone awry.

Time and resources for a comprehensive FMEA should be allocated during process development, when changes can most easily and inexpensively be implemented. Here are the differences between Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA): RCA versus FMEA.

HFMEA® is the acronym for Healthcare Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, and has become widely used in the healthcare environment. HFMEA is a registered trademark of CCD Health Systems.

What are the basic steps in conducting a healthcare FMEA?

Failure Mode Analyst™ 

Failure Mode Analyst™ is the only software designed expressly for Healthcare Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (HFMEA®). It is designed to facilitate the process of conducting a Healthcare Failure Mode & Effects Analysis. It guides even an inexperienced analysis team through the entire analysis process, maintaining documentation and generating reports. The underlying analytic process may be reviewed at Steps in the FMEA process. Contact us for an online web-demonstration.

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