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Simply Safety! - so many features, so simple to use.

Cost Savings

Today keeping accurate records is more important than ever - yet many companies lack an efficient method to track information required for regulatory compliance.

This can result in higher than necessary insurance and claims costs, regulatory violations, excessive legal risk and basic inefficiency costs.

Centralized Information

Simply Safety! centralizes and simplifies information that could be critical in a regulatory or legal challenge.

Instant access to records saves time and allows you to quickly demonstrate a due diligence trail. No more scrambling to find the needed records in a time of crisis.

Proactive Approach

Management reports and graphs expose high risk areas and allow you to proactively avoid costly fines, insurance premiums and legal bills by taking action before issues arise.

Automatic notification and expiry tracking saves management time and ensures everything is kept up to date.

Easy and Comprehensive

Simply Safety! software is an easy-to-use safety management application that helps your safety team manage people, safety, and training.

This 'all-in-one' safety management software program helps the safety manager track, analyze, report, notify, and improve safety and training performance plus meet mandatory reporting requirements.

Sophisticated Notification

Automatic incident notification is built right into the safety management program to keep managers advised of incidents as they occur. Built in graphing, reporting, and trend statistics make patterns clear.

Simply Safety! Alert generates automated email alerts of expiring items. Pre-schedule your own customized alerts and generate them at intervals to keep site managers up to date on expiring items such as safety management training certifications, overdue safety meetings and workplace inspections.


The Simply Safety! Safety management program sits securely inside your company firewall so confidential safety records are not exposed on the internet.