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Incident Analyst for Client Feedback


Introduction to Feedback

Any company wishes to improve their business, whether it is the quality of service or changing certain aspect of it. The best way to discover if your business should be altered is to collect feedback. Traditionally, this has been done with question cards to fill out by hand. CCD’s Client Feedback Module is a unique web-based system that is easily accessible by staff.


The Client Feedback Module contains two modules: the Set-up Module and the User Module. The set-up module is a Windows application that is used to create the online forms and set-up the workflow required to create a feedback such as the phases and notifications. The User module is the module that supports creating, reviewing and reporting on feedbacks.


The Client Feedback Module allows administrators to collect any information relating to the feedback. All comment cards used by your facility can be entered into the system, which ensures that information collected will be the information that is required for further actions to be taken.


One of the most valuable assets of using the Client Feedback Module is the reports available to administrators. Reports can be used to easily identify problem areas, areas with the most improvement or even the areas within the facility that have the most complimentary feedback.


Reporting feedback is one of the important parts of a business.  It is best to make it as simple and effective as it can be. CCD’s Client Feedback Module is user friendly and full customizable to obtain the information you need.


Call us today at (800) 862-9939 or email sales@ccdsystems.com to learn how CCD’s Client Feedback Module can help reduce complaints in your organization.