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Our Experience

Over 20 years helping clients improve safety

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In the Beginning
CCD Health Systems has a 25-year history of delivering software solutions aimed at improving employee safety.
In the mid 90’s, before the internet exploded across our desks, CCD created customized, interactive safety tutorials requested by our clients. Distribution was by CD-ROM or over networked PC’s. As the internet grew, we saw a need to create a web-based application that would permit hospitals to track incidents within their organization –thus the creation of AEMS; our Adverse Event Management Suite of products.
Our Presence in Health Care
We started with Incident Analyst –a web-based, easy-to-use Incident Reporting application. In 2005, we purchased Root Cause Analysis, and Failure Mode Analysis (HFMEA®) from another vendor and then we later finished our Worker’s Compensation and claims management modules.  All of our products were designed to provide data tracking, trending and analysis in order to eliminate recurring incidents and monitor corrective actions. Today we have over 400 health care facilities using our AEMS products. For more information, please feel free to check out our Products page. It would also be our pleasure to schedule a free, live demo of our Adverse Event line of products.
Our Presence in the Workplace
Our Simply Safety! software was the flagship product of KnowledgeWare Communications Corp, released in 1997 and transferred to CCD Systems in late 2013. Today, we still work with KCC to keep the product going in the right direction — we provide ongoing enhancements, maintenance support, and most importantly market Simply Safety! to interested companies.