Alberta MM5 Data

Due to bandwidth requirements needed to transfer this data over the internet, the MM5 files are no longer available at this site.

The data can be ordered directly from CCD Health Systems by following the directions shown below.

Version 2.2 of the MMEU extraction tool has been released and is available for download.  Click here to get the latest version.

While the data is distributed by Alberta Environment at no cost, there is a fee for services offered by CCD to transfer files to third-party companies.


COST $375 (+ taxes for your area)

CCD will ship a 1 TB SATA external drive to your address pre-loaded with all MM5 data. This cost includes the hard drive complete with the MM5 data and utilities pre-loaded.


Shipping & Handling cost will vary depending on the shipping address. Approximate cost (using Purolator) will be $30 in BC, $50 to Ontario and $75 to Nova Scotia. If you have a preferred courier or if you have your own account, please specify when you place your order; in which case there will be a $15 handling fee (our cost for someone to take it to the courier).


Approximate delivery time within Canada is 5 days.

COST $175 plus shipping (+ taxes for your area)

If you prefer, you can ship you own hard drive (1 TB or lager) and we will copy the data to the drive and ship it back to you. The cost for this is $175 + shipping.

To purchase the complete data set (approximately 450+GB), please fill out the data request page by clicking here .

To download the viewer utility (2.1 MB) click here .

A sample data file for January 1, 2002 (all stations) is available here. (165 kb)