Alberta WRF Data

The current meteorological data set for regulatory air quality modelling assessments in Alberta is based on WRF v4.2.1 on a 4 km grid for the years 2015 – 2019.
The data can be ordered directly from CCD Health Systems by following the directions shown below.
2021 Data Format – The new data requires 10 TBs of storage. Vendors can either ship a (internal or external) hard drive to our office or we will purchase and ship you an external 10 TB hard drive pre-loaded with Alberta meteorological data.

Cost of Services

  • 1. Copy service (includes all activities) – $220
  • 2. 10 TB Hard Drive (if requested) – $350 (estimated)
  • 3. Shipping cost will vary depending on the receiving address. All shipping will be overnight delivery using Purolator. Courier cost will be $65 in BC & Alberta,$80 to Ontario and $90 to Nova Scotia. These prices are updated on a monthly basis.
If you have a preferred courier or if you have your own account, please specify when you place your order. Approximate delivery time within Canada is 1-2 days (overnight option used).
To purchase the complete data set, please fill out the data request page by clicking here. Or, send questions to sales[at]ccdsystems[dot]com.
The current version of the MMEU2 extraction tool for extracting the WRF data into an air quality model ready format is available for download by itself at no charge.  Click here to get full MMEU2 application  (218 files) or download only the latest executable file here.

** NOTE: Cost of the drive will include our price to purchase the external drive, less the GST amount – which will be added to the total CCD invoice.