Consulting & Training on Root Cause Analysis

CCD Health Systems offers training in our proven methodology of conducting effective and cost-effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). Our consultants includes expert educators and physicians in the areas of medicine, risk management, health law and systems improvement. Moreover, their experience and knowledge base is specifically derived from the healthcare industry. To date, our consultanting team has conducted or facilitated over one hundred and thirty RCAs and HFMEAs in hospitals and other health care organizations. 

Our two-day workshops in either RCA and HFMEA will significantly improve your team’s understanding of the selected process. Less than one fourth of the training time is spent in didactics; the majority is devoted to actually conducting RCAs or HFMEAs under tutelage. Our four-day workshop builds upon a complete understanding of the two processes, offering reinforcement, exposure to multiple scenarios and addresses other important information such as pertinent regulatory compliance issues. 

Our goal is to help you and your staff achieve comfort and confidence while conducting either RCAs or HFMEAs in your home facility. The training is intensive. The approach is highly-focused and step-by-step. Your result is a highly effective RCA and HFMEA team. For information, please contact us by Email at

Call us at 1-800-862-9939 for information on our educational and consulting services, and to schedule a live web demo of our software for healthcare root cause analysis and failure mode & effects analysis.

All of our services and products have been created by healthcare professionals and specifically for the healthcare environment.
Version 2 of Root Cause Analyst™ is now available FREE!!

  • Fully database-driven
  • Predefined and customizable aggregate reports
  • One-button generation of flowcharts & factor trees
  • Easy to use, intuitive, with on-screen process guidance
  • Predefined and customizable Sentinel Event Factor Guides
  • Import personnel data, sequence of events from Excel files
  • Import & export analyses and Factor Guides
  • All reports generated in Microsoft Office format
Mastering Cost Effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA) in a Healthcare Environment
  • CCD’s consultants will discuss the application of RCA in allindustries including how it applies to healthcare. You will learn techniques that lead to a meaningful and JCAHO-compliant RCA, and policies and best practices to assist in your analyses.
  • Training will include how to gather data facilitate the analysis and present the results in a thorough and consistent fashion by using Root Cause Analyst™ software.
  • Create reports identifying contributory and root causes and an action plan for improvement. Author “resources used” reports to track costs and time associated with your RCA to share with your superiors.