Simply Alert!

Simply Alert! Features

Simply Alert! is a supplementary feature that can be purchased as an add-on module to Simply Safety!. This program acts as an alerting service to warn you of time sensitive expiring items (including re-training dates, driver’s license expiry, re-inspection dates, etc) in the Simply Safety! database.



Simply Alert! Alert allows you to:

  • Manually run instant reports on expiring items
  • Manually print or email expiring item reports
  • Create customized expiry reports on specific data, employees, regions, sites, etc.
  • Schedule email reports to be sent to concerned parties at pre-set dates/times

When the program is installed, a set of generic reports that may be of value are included. The Alert program also includes the tools to generate a new set of custom reports and schedule them to be emailed at a specific date and time. For instance, you may wish all training due for a specific site to be emailed to the site manager on a specific date each month or on a specific day each week.


The following is a small sample list of possible Alert reports:

  • All expired or expiring items at one specific company site
  • Medical tests due for a specific company
  • Inspections due on all company vehicles
  • Training due by region
  • Corrective actions due
  • Insurance expiry dates for contractor companies