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Simply Safety! FAQs

Top 20 frequently asked questions

  • What is the process to obtain the latest version?
    • If you are on version 5 of Simply Safety! and want to upgrade to version 6, contact support@simplysafety.com.  In order to upgrade you need to have a up to date with your Annual Maintenance Fee. You will be able to chat with someone from the support team to determine the full requirement for the upgrade.

  • How many users will Simply Safety! support?
    • Presently Simply Safety! is limited only by the SQL database.  It is capable of storing up to 32000 employees in the database and their respective records.

  • What is the difference between Simply Safety! V5 & V6?
    • Simply Safety! Version 5 to Version 6 Enhancements


      • The biggest change in version 6 is that the back-end database has been changed from Access to SQL Server to provide increased scalability, performance, and stability. This provides the required underlying platform on which new functionality can be delivered in upcoming releases.

      • As a part of the upgrade process, data will be automatically migrated from the existing Access database to the new SQL Server database.

      Data Integrity

      • During the importing of data into the database, integrity checks have been enhanced to improve the quality of information being loaded including: Region, Site, Name, Hire/Layoff/Termination Dates, Job Title, People Type, Company Name. Error codes, with explanations, are used to flag data not imported due to failing integrity checks.

      • Ongoing integrity checks have been augmented to improve the quality of already loaded information including: Region, Site, Job History Dates. Issues needing attention are highlighted using color coding.


      • Security has been further enhanced with the introduction of Team Security. This allows the establishment of Teams within the organization, allocation of users to Teams, and the setting of Team wide security permissions.

      System Maintenance

      • Simply Safety! now automatically checks to see if an updated version of the software is available. If so, clients with a current Annual Maintenance subscription will be able to either automatically, or manually, update their software over the web.


      • In addition to the migration to the higher performing SQL Server database, there have been a wide variety of additional speed improvements within modules and reports.

      Aesthetics/Ease of Use

      • A brand new Google Maps based front screen has been incorporated that can be used as a platform to display site specific information geographically.

      • There have been numerous enhancements to the colors, fonts, and layout of screens throughout the system to make it easier to use.

      Module Utilization

      • You can purchase only the parts of Simply Safety! that your company will utilize in order to save money.

  • Can I connect Simply Safety! to our Oracle database?
    • No, the database is designed to be utilized on a Microsoft SQL Server environment only.  MS 2012 SQL Server Express is available as a free download from Microsoft if necessary.

  • Can I add the database to our company SQL Server database?
    • The database can be installed to your company’s SQL server provided the SQL version is 2005 or newer.  We do recommend a minimum of MS SQL Server 2012.  If you presently use an Express version of SQL, the database can be attached to that version as well.

  • Once we decide to buy the program, how long does it take to get up and running?
    • Depending on whether your organization utilizes a  IS/IT department and you have appropriate permissions within your network, along with download speeds, the process can range from 1-3 hours from start of the download to the final installation of the front end and connection to the database.

  • Do you have any movies that I can watch to better understand the software?
  • What are the hardware requirements to run Simply Safety!?
    • Minimum End-User Workstation Requirements

      This workstation is for Users to run the day-to-day use of Simply Safety! Front-end GUI to modify Data within the database

      • Windows Operating System running Windows 7 or later
      • 1GHz Processor
      • 4GB Internal Memory – recommended
      • 400MB space required to run the Front-End GUI
      • Download size – 202 MB

      The Database Server Requirements

      • Minimum – Windows Server 2008 R2.  Recommended – Windows Server 2012
      • Minimum – 2GHz, Single CPU, 1MB Cache.  Recommended – 3 GHz, Dual Core, 2 MB Cache
      • Minimum – 4 GB RAM.  Recommended – 8 GB RAM
      • Minimum – 4 GB Disk space required for the database.
  • What is and how do I obtain Simply Alert?
    • Simply Alert’s function is to monitor all of the expiry and due dates in the database and send out reports based upon a user created schedule for the reports.

      Even though Simply Alert! does connect to the Simply Safety! database, it is a separate program entirely.  Simply Alert! Notification Service is installed on the database server and then will constantly run in the background sending out reports at schedules determined but the user.  Simply Alert! Graphical Interface is installed on users computers where there can run a variety of reports to have them printed or emailed.  As well the user will be able to customize the scheduling of reports for the Notification Service.

      If you are interested in Simply Alert!, contact support@simplysafety.com for information or our Sales department at sales@ccdsystems.com or 1-800-862-9939 to purchase.

  • How do we obtain more licenses?
    • The structure of Simply Safety! is set up so that the licenses only count towards the number of Active people in the database.  If you have employees that can be made inactive, then that will keep you below the license limit.  If you go over the license limit, please contact our Sales department at sales@ccdsystems.com or 1-800-862-9939 for a quote on more licenses to suit your business needs and demands.

  • Which databases does the Simply Safety! application support?
    • Microsoft SQL Express and SQL Server -any version newer than 2005. If you currently have an in-house SQL Server installation, Simply Safety! can be added to your existing instance. If you do not own a valid version of SQL Server, you can choose to install the free copy of SQL Express.

  • How is the cost of Simply Safety! determined?
    • The cost of Simply Safety! depends on the number of active employees that will be entered in to the software.  Employee licenses are sold in sets of 100 starting at $3775.00.  Additional license packs can be purchased as your company grows.

      Simply Safety! also now offers the ability to purchase specific modules of the program.  If your company only wants to track Damage Incidents, that’s all you would need to would need to purchase.  This module pricing also based upon the 100 license fee guide.

      Please contact sales@simplysafety.com for more information and the price guide. Read More