What is the difference between Simply Safety! V5 & V6?

Simply Safety! Version 5 to Version 6 Enhancements


• The biggest change in version 6 is that the back-end database has been changed from Access to SQL Server to provide increased scalability, performance, and stability. This provides the required underlying platform on which new functionality can be delivered in upcoming releases.

• As a part of the upgrade process, data will be automatically migrated from the existing Access database to the new SQL Server database.

Data Integrity

• During the importing of data into the database, integrity checks have been enhanced to improve the quality of information being loaded including: Region, Site, Name, Hire/Layoff/Termination Dates, Job Title, People Type, Company Name. Error codes, with explanations, are used to flag data not imported due to failing integrity checks.

• Ongoing integrity checks have been augmented to improve the quality of already loaded information including: Region, Site, Job History Dates. Issues needing attention are highlighted using color coding.


• Security has been further enhanced with the introduction of Team Security. This allows the establishment of Teams within the organization, allocation of users to Teams, and the setting of Team wide security permissions.

System Maintenance

• Simply Safety! now automatically checks to see if an updated version of the software is available. If so, clients with a current Annual Maintenance subscription will be able to either automatically, or manually, update their software over the web.


• In addition to the migration to the higher performing SQL Server database, there have been a wide variety of additional speed improvements within modules and reports.

Aesthetics/Ease of Use

• A brand new Google Maps based front screen has been incorporated that can be used as a platform to display site specific information geographically.

• There have been numerous enhancements to the colors, fonts, and layout of screens throughout the system to make it easier to use.

Module Utilization

• You can purchase only the parts of Simply Safety! that your company will utilize in order to save money.

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