Can I set notifications based on the severity of the event?

Yes, you can!  (Exceedance Notifications, on the other hand, are for identifying when you have over x number of events that match a certain criteria over a specified number of days/weeks.) In the Config App -> Type Maintenance, on the far right column of the Auto Assigned Lists -> Notifications, you see the column “Severity”.[…]

Does AEMS allow the user to change their password at any time?

Users can change their passwords from the “User Maintenance” menu on the Web page. Users reset their password by providing their existing password and providing a new password, with a confirmation. The new password must meet requirements as set by the system administrator.  The system administrator can also set a new password for the user.

Does AEMS use Active Directory Authentication?

AEMS Users may be authenticated using Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) Service.   All users must be preloaded into AEMS, including the assignment of their roles and permissions.   When the user is authenticated using their Windows AD account, AEMS matches their AD Logon ID to an account in AEMS in order to obtain their AEMS[…]

Does the application require a dedicated server(s)? 

The servers may be shared with other processes requiring server resources. AEMS requires IIS and SQL Server.  These may be hosted on single server, or may be on separate servers.  For security reasons, we strongly recommend running 2 separate servers networked to allow Web access to the database.  

Is AEMS adaptable to emerging hardware and software standards? 

Our system runs without any problems using Internet Explorer compatible browsers and any version of SQL Server after version 2000. As of Version 4.1.53 AEMS will work with Chrome, testing is ongoing for compatibility with other browsers.   CCD Systems is a Microsoft Partner and will continue to ensure that AEMS runs on the Microsoft platform.[…]