What is the process to obtain the latest version?

If you are on version 5 of Simply Safety! and want to upgrade to version 6, contact support@simplysafety.com.  In order to upgrade you need to have a up to date with your Annual Maintenance Fee. You will be able to chat with someone from the support team to determine the full requirement for the upgrade.

What is the difference between Simply Safety! V5 & V6?

Simply Safety! Version 5 to Version 6 Enhancements Database • The biggest change in version 6 is that the back-end database has been changed from Access to SQL Server to provide increased scalability, performance, and stability. This provides the required underlying platform on which new functionality can be delivered in upcoming releases. • As a[…]

How do we obtain more licenses?

The structure of Simply Safety! is set up so that the licenses only count towards the number of Active people in the database.  If you have employees that can be made inactive, then that will keep you below the license limit.  If you go over the license limit, please contact our Sales department at sales@ccdsystems.com or 1-800-862-9939[…]