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    • Edit a Class

      Edit a Class

      NOTE: The features for email notifying students and managers of class enrollment are available when the class is scheduled through the ‘Course/Class Add’ Wizard as well as the enrollment tab of the edit class. To use these functions, make sure to send the email notifications before you finish creating, scheduling and saving the class via the Wizard.

      1. From the Main Menu, click Training.
      2. Click Classes.
      3. From the ‘Classes’ browse screen, double-click on a class or select the class and click 'Edit'.
      4. The ‘Edit a Class’ record window will appear. Make the appropriate changes.
      5. Click the ‘Edit Course Name’ button to change the name of the course for which the class has been scheduled. The ‘Select a Course’ drop-down field will appear; choose the appropriate course name from the list. NOTE: If the appropriate course name does not appear in the drop-down, go to the ‘Course/Class Add Wizard’ and add the course.
      6. Click the 'Enroll Students’ tab to add more students to the class or the 'Enrollment' tab to un-enroll students. See the following instructions for enrolling (and un-enrolling) students in a class. You are able to email notify students or managers of any additional enrollments.
      7. Click ‘Save’ to record your changes.
      8. When the class has been completed, re-open the record to add student records of training attendance.

      Enroll Students in a Scheduled Class

      We recommend that you enroll all eligible students when you initially schedule the class through the Wizard. If a student is unable to attend a class, access the class record and ‘un-enroll’ the student from the class. See below for instructions.

       Un-enroll a Student from a Class (via the Class record window)

      Un-enrolling a student from a class ensures that training records are removed from personal training histories and that the students will appear as due for training when the next class is being scheduled.

      1. Open the class record from the ‘Classes’ browse screen, the individual ‘Course’ record window, or under the course name on the Training Tree.
      2. Click the ‘Enrollment’ tab on the ‘Edit a Class’ window.
      3. On the ‘Enrollment’ browse list, click the ‘Unenroll’ checkbox to remove a student’s enrollment from the class. This will remove the student from the ‘Enrollment’ tab, and the student will once again appear on the training due list for the course.

      Add Student Records for a Completed Class

      1. Open the appropriate class record.
      2. Click the 'Enrollment' tab on the 'Edit a Class' data window and type the student marks into the ‘Mark’ column.
      3. Decide whether to complete all student records at once, or to complete each employee student record individually. If specific course marks are important, or if some students should be marked as passed and complete while others should not, the individual record completion method is more suitable.

      To finalize all student records for the class at once, with ‘Complete’ and ‘Passed’ checkboxes selected, and the same ‘Mark’ (as defined by the minimum pass mark required for the course) noted for all students:

      1. Click the ‘Complete Student Records’ button.
      2. The ‘Complete’, ‘Passed’, and ‘Mark’ columns will update accordingly, and a message will appear, noting the number of student records that have been updated.
      3. Click ‘OK’ and another message will appear, asking if you wish to delete the class record. This option is offered so that for companies with a huge schedule of training classes, the ‘Classes’ browse list does not become unreasonably large
      4. Deleting the class record will not affect related training histories, which will remain stored in the other sub-modules. Click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as appropriate, and the program will warn once more before proceeding with the class record deletion. NOTE: The ‘Complete Student Records’ button completes the class for all students at once, writing over any individual course marks, noting all students as passed and complete with the required passing mark.

      To finalize each student record individually, click in the 'Passed' and ‘Complete’ checkboxes and enter the student’s ‘Mark’ as appropriate.

      NOTE: Student marks and course completions can also be edited individually via the ‘Training’ tab on the employee’s personnel record in the People > People sub-module.

      All student training completions, whether done in bulk or individually, will be saved to both the Training Done sub-module and on the ‘Training’ tab on the personnel record in the People > People sub-module.

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    • Printing Class Reports

      Print a Company Class Report

      1. On the 'Classes' browse screen, select the desired report type from the ‘Reports’ drop-down menu: The ‘Standard’ report prints a list of scheduled and complete classes with basic details such as name and date. The ‘Detailed’ report option prints a list with more details, including students enrolled in each scheduled and/or completed class.
      2. A print preview window will appear. Double-check the information.
      3. Click the 'Printer' icon on the ‘Print Options’ toolbar. If the ‘Print Options’ toolbar is not visible on the print preview screen, right-click on the report to view the print options menu.
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