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    Weekly Tech Tip
    Article 3 – User Preferences

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    Simply Safety! User Preferences

    A new feature to Simply Safety! is the User Preferences in the Setup Module. These settings will allow the user currently logged in to switch between the normal black background that has been the look of Simply Safety! in the past, to the new “Day Mode”, which replaces the black background with lighter blue and changes the color of the font.

    Included with the User Preferences and the new Simply Safety!, is the ability to turn on and turn off the ad located in the bottom right corner of the map. The ability to adjust the ad will only be included in the paid version of Simply Safety! and not available in the free or demo versions. Any client wishing to advertise within Simply Safety! can contact the sales department at sales@simplysafety.com for more information.

    Keep in mind that for the User Preferences to be utilized, the login ID must be associated with a specific active person found in the People Module.

    If you have any questions about this tip, contact Simply Safety! support@simplysafety.com

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