Root Cause Analyst

CCD Health Systems specializes in software, training and consultative services to facilitate patient safety and risk management activities in the health care arena, with focus on using tools such as Healthcare Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (HFMEA®) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Our focus is three-fold:
  1. Support continuous improvement endeavors
  2. Exceed JCAHO Standards and Intents
  3. Optimize cost-effectiveness
Risk management and loss prevention are critical in today’s fiscal environment, and must be coordinated with high quality of care, regulatory compliance and patient/customer opinion, all with due consideration to resources and costs. Our approach to consultation is to give our clients the tools they need to progress on their own, minimizing further dependence upon any external resources, consultative or otherwise. We feel that if our clients have the appropriate tools, further consultative costs should be unnecessary. We can accordingly offer guidance in establishing risk management needs, policies, communication systems, monitoring/reporting systems, sentinel event processes, etc.

Root Cause Analyst™ ask for your FREE copy today!!

This version of Root Cause Analyst is the only RCA software designed expressly for the healthcare environment. Like its predecessor, it has been developed by practicing healthcare professionals, to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry.
  • Easy and intuitive to use, even for novices
  • User-customizable Factor Guides
    (like the JCAHO Minimum Scope of Analysis Grid)
  • Import and export Factor Guides
  • Reports generated in Microsoft Office format
  • Programmed in Visual Basic
  • Fully .NET compatible
  • Completely database-driven
  • Fully database-driven
  • Predefined and customizable aggregate reports
  • One-button generation of flowcharts & factor trees
  • Easy to use, intuitive, with on-screen process guidance
  • Process and program help on each screen
  • Imports personnel data
  • Imports sequence of events data
  • Imports and exports analyses
  • Performs database queries, both predefined and custom
  • Complete aggregate analysis capabilities
  • Full filtering ability for aggregate reports
  • One-click creation of flowcharts and factor diagrams
  • Import & export analyses and Factor Guides
  • All reports generated in Microsoft Office format

Root Cause Analyst™, the only software designed expressly for
Healthcare Root Cause Analysis is now available FREE!!
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Healthcare Root Cause Analysis


Root Cause Analyst® is designed to facilitate the process of conducting a Healthcare Root Cause Analysis. It guides even an inexperienced analysis team through the entire analysis process, maintaining documentation and generating reports, including full aggregate reporting capability. Contact us for an online web-demonstration.

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